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Variable Text

Utilizing variable text within your printing project has been around for decades. However, the sophistication and ways you can now incorporate variable type through digital printing has greatly expanded. What used to be just a simple black copy address block or teaser copy can now be full variable copy throughout the entire piece. Variable copy can be worked into the design in any color, can be knockout of graphics or even knocked out and/or overprint color photos. Barcodes, UPC codes and QR codes can also be easily incorporated through digital printing.

Variable Graphics & Versioning

A powerful way to segment and make the content of your piece more relevant to the recipient is by versioning your message. A campaign that is targeted to multiple demographics segments can cater to each segment through the printed piece's content and design. As long as the trim size and stock remain the same, the entire copy, design and look can change altogether within each demographic segment.

Variable Photographs

Another sophisticated approach to making a more relevant message to your recipient is by using variable photographs. Pictures that relate to specific demographics can boost response rates. A health club could use attractive photos of the opposite sex to populate the photos of a mailpiece targeting young single adults for new memberships. An automobile supply company marketing third party products to its audience could use a picture of the type of car the recipient may actually own tying that picture to the products they are offering. Variable photographs can also be used in a 1 to 1 level. We recently produced a mailpiece with over 20,000 unique photographs of people who ran in a footrace thanking them for participating in the event and it also listed all of their pertinent running stats from the race.

Variable Content Within Photographs

Used in a subtle manner or a more direct and obvious approach, variable content within photographs can be a powerful differentiator. A travel company marketing getaways can show a beautiful beach scene with the puffy clouds spelling out the recipient's name. A restaurant can send out special birthday offers where the recipient's name is spelled out in the icing of a cake or within the bubbles of a champagne glass. This is a very creative option that is relatively new and can really make your piece standout from the others.

Highlights & Trends

Simple to Complex Variable Content...It's a Piece of Cake!

Variable content printing has long been a specialty at Chroma Graphics. Whether your needs are simple by using an address block and/or text teasers or more moderately complex with variable content imaging and layering and by utilizing PURLS, custom barcodes and QR codes or to very complex data and image integration, we have the technical expertise and resources to not only produce the work effectively and cost efficiently, but to consult with you to setup the art and data files for easy production. We recently produced a postcard mailing with over 20,000 different photographs and with dozens of custom data fields.



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    Be sure to specify paper on your next job that is harvested from sustainable forests utilizing the FSC or SFI chain of custody certifications.
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    Specifying stock from sustainable sources can help other areas of the environment. See the environmental calculators below.
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    Printing from papers manufactured from sustainable forests actually grows trees...See “Print Grows Trees” below to learn more how you can help.
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    Chroma Graphics uses a portion of its energy requirements from wind-powered energy sources.

In addition to displaying the FSC logo on your printed pieces, you can display the positive impact this choice can make for the environment with an Eco-Box.

Below are links to some environmental calculators to estimate this positive impact.

Print Grows Trees

Mohawk Paper
Resource Calculator

Wausau Paper
Resource Calculator

Neenah Paper
Resource Calculator