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Chroma Graphics has the two largest digital presses in the world, the Xerox® Igen 3 and Igen 4 EXP. Both presses are Igen 4 software compliant. The quality with both presses having this software makes them regarded as the highest quality and most reliable machines in the industry. The large size and throughput capabilities of these machines also allows us to produce your work more efficient than any other digital press which also enables us to price our digital work very competitively. Both digital presses can also produce on the widest range of stocks available going up to 18pts thick and stocks with heavy textured surfaces! We can also print on specialty types of substrates and pre-manufactured forms such as magnet and ID card forms, labels, CD and DVD labels and many other specialized products.


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    Be sure to specify paper on your next job that is harvested from sustainable forests utilizing the FSC or SFI chain of custody certifications.
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    Specifying stock from sustainable sources can help other areas of the environment. See the environmental calculators below.
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    Printing from papers manufactured from sustainable forests actually grows trees...See “Print Grows Trees” below to learn more how you can help.
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    Chroma Graphics uses a portion of its energy requirements from wind-powered energy sources.

In addition to displaying the FSC logo on your printed pieces, you can display the positive impact this choice can make for the environment with an Eco-Box.

Below are links to some environmental calculators to estimate this positive impact.

Print Grows Trees

Mohawk Paper
Resource Calculator

Wausau Paper
Resource Calculator

Neenah Paper
Resource Calculator