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ArrowsVarnishes Enhance the Sweet Smell of Success

Scented varnishes are totally translucent, unlike their pasty predecessor "scratch and sniff" and are applied during the printing process so the cost to scent your printing projects is more than offset by the increased response rates these special effects will yield. These amazing effects can be applied to conventionally printed pieces and digitally printed projects as well and there are dozens of ready stocked scents available (click here) with thousands more that can be formulated for your unique scented requirements. By transforming print into a multi-sensory medium scented varnishes will increase the impact, recall, value, and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Specialty Coatings...This Time with Feeling!

Over the past few years, innovations in specialty coatings have been developed which can give designers tangible, tactile properties to their printing projects. Adding depth, dimensionality and texture will transform the viewing experience by appealing to multiple senses. You can raise images and text off the page or give the illusion of multiple layers through liquid embossing or raised spot UV coatings. You can add a rich velvety feel to your pieces through a flood soft touch aqueous coating. You can add dramatic visual and tactile impact with a spot raised UV glitter application. There are numerous new effects now available and we recently produced a promo piece which uses many of these special coatings. If you would like to see this piece or other specific coating samples, you can request a sample here.


ArrowsFirst Installation of the Largest Digital Press in the World

Having the world's largest digital press with a sheet size of 14.33" x 26" opens possibilities that weren't previously available. Printing projects no longer need to conform to the status quo of previous digital press constraints. Although not all jobs need this new huge size, it does allow us to run more pieces up on a sheet, meaning quicker turnarounds and less expensive production costs on longer digital press run projects. The latest software on the presses also mean previously problematic screens and gradations are no longer potential quality issues...the quality of the output is truly game changing. If you would like to see some recent samples, please contact your Chroma Graphics representative, or click here.


ArrowsSimple to Complex Variable Content...It's a Piece of Cake!

Variable content printing has long been a specialty at Chroma Graphics. Whether your needs are simple by using an address block and/or text teasers or more moderately complex with variable content imaging and layering and by utilizing PURLS, custom barcodes and QR codes or to very complex data and image integration, we have the technical expertise and resources to not only produce the work effectively and cost efficiently, but to consult with you to setup the art and data files for easy production. We recently produced a postcard mailing with over 20,000 different photographs and with dozens of custom data fields.


Zebra QRPURLS and QR Codes...Cross Media Marketing Made Easy!

Digitally printed direct mail pieces utilizing personalized URLS, or PURLS, within your print campaigns is a cross media technique which enhances the user experience and provides a means to quantifiably measure your print campaign's results. It allows you to capture meaningful data from your target audience and hence the ability to repurpose that data into future print and or e-mail campaigns. In simpler terms, it's cool and gets your recipients attention by pulling them into "their" own space. QR codes are basically a visual representation of a PURL, or GURL. Many smartphones and tablets now feature apps that can take a quick scan of the QR code which will direct you to a landing page


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    Be sure to specify paper on your next job that is harvested from sustainable forests utilizing the FSC or SFI chain of custody certifications.
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    Specifying stock from sustainable sources can help other areas of the environment. See the environmental calculators below.
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    Printing from papers manufactured from sustainable forests actually grows trees...See “Print Grows Trees” below to learn more how you can help.
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    Chroma Graphics uses a portion of its energy requirements from wind-powered energy sources.

In addition to displaying the FSC logo on your printed pieces, you can display the positive impact this choice can make for the environment with an Eco-Box.

Below are links to some environmental calculators to estimate this positive impact.

Print Grows Trees

Mohawk Paper
Resource Calculator

Wausau Paper
Resource Calculator

Neenah Paper
Resource Calculator